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A/C Repair TechModern HVAC systems provide better efficiency and superior indoor comfort when compared with equipment manufactured just a decade ago. Improvements in technology have lowered operating costs and reduced maintenance requirements. At Ross & Witmer, we offer a wide variety furnaces and air conditioners designed to fit every budget and performance expectation. Our knowledgeable staff and trained technicians ensure that every system we install and service will continue to operate quietly and economically through many heating and cooling seasons.

Even more, our team is committed to ensuring the whole home health of your beloved abode. We look at your home from a holistic perspective and focus on finding places where you can improve its indoor air quality to help your family breathe a little easier. Our team of trained professionals also has the expertise to evaluate your home’s insulation and air sealing needs, along with its electrical work, encapsulation, and HVAC system efficiency to identify where you could be losing valuable energy. Speak with us today, and see how our team of whole home health specialists can revolutionize the way you live.


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When you choose Ross & Witmer for your residential or commercial heating and cooling needs, you can expect:

  • Award Winning Products: Carrier Awarded Prestigious Consumers Digest “Best Buy” for two products we carry. The Infinity Heat Pump and Air Conditioner stand out among the industry’s best.
  • An Industry Leader: When using a certified NATE company, you’ll experience optimal product efficiency, greater home comfort and, most importantly, peace of mind.
  • Only the Best: For us, status quo will never be acceptable. We constantly push the envelope on technology and design to perfect the most efficient and innovative heating and cooling systems.
  • Super Service: We have earned the coveted Angie’s List Service Industry Award three years in a row, an honor awarded annually to only a few companies.

new_systemsThere is a plethora of choices when it comes to home heating and air conditioning systems. That’s why you need to select a contractor that offers top-of-the-line products and trustworthy heating and air conditioning services. We use our extensive experience and knowledge to help our customers select equipment that will exceed their comfort and efficiency expectations. The foundation of every successful heating or AC installation begins with proper system design. Unfortunately, many HVAC contractors continue to use outdated rule-of-thumb formulas when selecting equipment. This can result in the installation of a system with excess capacity, especially for air conditioners. Oversized equipment will short cycle, which can result in poor air movement, uneven indoor temperatures, and a lack of proper humidity control. Our designers engineer every system according to the latest ACCA Manual J standards. These intricate calculations account for structural distinctiveness and provide the exact load requirements for each room in the building. When determining equipment capacity, the effect of doors, windows, perimeter tightness, duct leakage, insulation, and other factors can have a significant impact on the total load. The equipment we install will always be precisely matched to meet the unique energy consumption characteristics of the home or office it will serve.

maintenance_agreementsTo help keep HVAC systems operating dependably and efficiently, customers should consider purchasing an annual service maintenance agreement. On a seasonal basis, our service techs inspect, test and calibrate the equipment to provide maximum performance and low operating costs. Preventative maintenance can help identify stressed or worn components before they fail, which is why manufacturers include regular service as a provision of their warranty coverage.

heatingcoolingsolutionsThe purchase and installation of a new, central HVAC system is an investment in comfort and fuel efficiency. Ross & Witmer offers a variety heating and air conditioning services designed to provide exceptional value and dependability over the life of the equipment. We also offer flexible financing options for your new Carrier products or system. Call us today to schedule an appointment or request an estimate.

service-repairLike any machine with moving parts, HVAC equipment requires regular service to continue operating at peak efficiency. Our relationship with the customer extends well past the installation phase and includes every aspect of heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance. Our commitment to service is demonstrated through ongoing investment in personnel, training, vehicles, inventory, and equipment. When the weather is extreme, especially in the summer, smaller contractors may lack the resources to adjust to a growing backlog. We recognize the frustration homeowners experience when their HVAC system is down and the service provider is unavailable. Our courteous comfort specialists address every service inquiry promptly, and we set repair appointments promptly. Once inside your home or office, our NATE-certified and factory trained technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to quickly locate the source of the malfunction. Since we stock our service vehicles with many common parts, most furnace and air conditioning repairs can be completed in just one visit. We offer 24-hour emergency service for catastrophic failures and we can repair virtually any major brand of equipment.

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