Preventative Maintenance Plan


Keeping your heating and cooling system in good running order is probably one of your top priorities. After all, you rely on your home or business’s HVAC system to keep you comfortable indoors no matter the temperature outdoors. Choosing a maintenance service plan is a great way to protect these essential systems while increasing their efficiency and longevity.

Extend The Life Of Your Heating and A/C System

Regular HVAC tune-ups are key to ensuring your comfort and extending the life of your HVAC unit. Contact us today to schedule your preventative maintenance!

Why Does My HVAC System Need Preventative Maintenance?

Your home or business’s HVAC system is a complex piece of machinery. As with your vehicle, you know that regular maintenance and tune-ups can help to prevent costly breakdowns and ensure system reliability. Our Preventative Maintenance Plan provides affordable and valuable tune-up services for your home or business:

Maintenance Agreements as Low as $19/month

We can extend the life of your air conditioning system with semi-annual maintenance. Increase the life expectancy, save on energy, and maintain your factory warranty for limited time pricing as low as $19/mo!*

*Expires 3/31/24. Exclusions apply. Call for details.

What Is Included In Our Maintenance Plan?

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

An air conditioning tune-up will increase system efficiency and can help you cut down on electricity costs. Our 15-point tune-up is designed to address common air conditioner issues and calibrate your AC unit for maximum performance. The following 15 items are covered during the tune-up:

Heating Tune-Up

As with air conditioning maintenance, heating maintenance ensures that your system will keep your home warm for years to come, and helps to boost efficiency by ensuring that all parts are operating smoothly. The following are some of the services provided during a heating tuneup:

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Trust Your Home to The Experts

Chances are your heating and cooling system is the most important—and expensive—piece of machinery in your home. In fact, it’s probably also the largest consumer of energy! For such an important piece of equipment, an HVAC system often doesn’t receive the regular attention that it needs to operate properly. A reliable heating appliance is a necessity, especially in homes with young children or elderly family members. When a furnace or heat pump breaks down, it is critical to contact a heating contractor who has extensive experience in every aspect of heating repair and maintenance.

Our NATE-certified technicians are equipped with the most advanced diagnostic tools to accurately locate the source of any malfunction. We quickly implement the required repairs and restore the system to full functionality.

At Ross & Witmer, we know that regular HVAC tune-ups are key to ensuring your comfort. We specialize in providing maintenance services to both residential and commercial customers. As part of our Preventative Maintenance Plan, you’ll receive valuable tune-up services and you will be able to take advantage of on-call repair and troubleshooting help.

Why Choose Ross & Witmer?

For three generations, Ross & Witmer has been committed to providing high-quality and efficient heating, cooling, and mechanical service to homes and businesses. Our dedication to excellence has made Ross & Witmer one of the most respectful and successful HVAC contractors in the Charlotte and Hendersonville/Asheville areas.

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Ross and Witmer has been dedicated to continued improvement in quality and the customer experience for over 76 years.

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It pays to work with licensed HVAC contractors. Our trained technicians provide you with top-notch, reliable services.

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