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Ross & Witmer has been family-owned and operated since 1945 in Charlotte. For over 76 years, we have been analyzing, diagnosing, and repairing air conditioners in our community. Our experience has allowed us to quickly find and provide cost-effective solutions for our customers so they can get back to enjoying the warmth of home.

Ready to Upgrade?

Our factory-trained and NATE-certified technicians can guide you on the right system for your home.

How to Know When It's Time For Replacement

Is Your Unit is More Than 10-15 Years Old?  Most heat pumps last approximately 10 years of age, and furnaces and boilers last around 15. If your unit has reached this stage in its’ life, you should start to consider Ross & Witmer’s heating replacement service.

Starting To See More and More Repairs Needed?
Like any piece of technology, as heating units age they begin to wear down. If you are starting to see more and more issues with your unit, it may be more cost-effective to replace your old heating unit with a new one.

Utility Bills Going Up?
Heating units lose some of their efficiency over time and need to work harder to keep your home warm, thus the higher energy bills.

Why Choose Ross & Witmer For Your Installation?

For three generations, Ross & Witmer has been committed to providing high-quality and efficient heating, cooling, and mechanical service to homes and businesses. Our dedication to excellence has made Ross & Witmer one of the most respectful and successful HVAC contractors in the Charlotte and Hendersonville/Asheville areas.

Industry Leader

Ross and Witmer has been dedicated to continued improvement in quality and the customer experience for over 76 years.

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It pays to work with licensed HVAC contractors. Our trained technicians provide you with top-notch, reliable services.

Affordable Pricing

We’re committed to keeping our prices as affordable as possible for our customers. You’ll receive a fair and affordable quote.

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Expert Heating Installation

A central heating appliance that works in conjunction with a properly engineered duct system will provide cozy warmth on chilly nights once the outdoor temperature begins to fall. Furnace and heat pump technology continues to improve, and modern appliances are quieter and more efficient than models produced less than a decade ago.

Heating and air conditioning equipment come in many capacities, configurations, and efficiencies—it can be very confusing. Consumers usually choose a heating appliance based on utility costs, fuel availability, and the local climate. In areas that experience extreme winter weather, heating system selection is usually limited to a gas or fuel oil furnace. For those living in milder climates, heat pumps present a practical alternative. Heat pumps are also popular in areas without a natural gas infrastructure.

A new furnace or heat pump is a significant investment in indoor comfort. The quality of the equipment is important, but the installing heating contractor will have a major impact on the overall performance and total operating cost of the unit. At Ross & Witmer, our knowledgeable and trained technicians will help guide you through every phase of the equipment selection and installation process.


Do You Need Regular Maintenance?

Regular maintenance and service appointments are key to keeping your HVAC system in good running order. Schedule maintenance and tune-up appointments at least twice a year; once before cooling season and once before heating season. Doing so will help you to protect the value of your investment and help you stay comfortable in your own home.  Learn More About Our Maintenance Plan.

Ross & Witmer is the industry leader in residential and commercial heating and cooling services.


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Ross & Witmer is a full-service HVAC contractor specializing in air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance. We invite you to explore the many benefits that the modern, high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system in our inventory can provide.

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