Air Conditioning

When the outdoor temperature begins to rise, a dependable air conditioning system is essential to providing relief from high heat and humidity. Modern air conditioners are engineered to deliver exceptional comfort with minimal fuel costs. Homeowners can save up to 40 percent on annual cooling costs by replacing an aging 10 SEER air conditioner with a new 16 SEER system.

Choices In Air Conditioning

Air conditioners operate according to the principles of the refrigeration cycle. Refrigerant facilitates the heating and cooling processes, and heat energy is extracted from the interior of the building and exhausted outdoors. The resulting cooler air is forced back into the living area by the action of a forced air fan. Modern air conditioners use an environmentally-friendly refrigerant that is efficient and readily available. It is important to note that the refrigerant used in older units is being phased out, which has resulted in a substantial increase in the price.
Central air conditioners are offered in three different configurations to address a variety of different job site conditions, including structural challenges, fuel availability and consumer performance expectations.

Split Air Conditioners

Split systems are characterized by a separate condensing unit and air handler. The condenser is usually positioned outdoors near an exterior wall to reduce compressor and motor noise. The air handler is often installed in the garage or a furnace closet. Of all the air conditioning options, split systems provide the best overall efficiency.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump can provide both heating and cooling from a single system. This feature may appeal to those in areas with low electric rates or where natural gas is unavailable. Heat pumps are manufactured in both split-system and packaged unit configurations. They are not appropriate for climates that experience severe winters and subfreezing temperatures.

Packaged Units

For commercial and residential applications with space constraints, package units are an attractive alternative since they are installed primarily on rooftops. Packaged units include both an air handler and condenser in a single cabinet. If you are building a new home or are in the market for a new, green HVAC system, consider our alternative energy options such as geothermal.

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Air Conditioning Installation

A successful AC installation can always be traced back to a proper system design. Our comfort specialists analyze the perimeter envelope and the air distribution network to determine the exact capacity requirements for every room in the building. We run a complete set of load calculations based on ACCA Manual J for each heating and air conditioning system we install.

Before the actual AC installation, we develop a construction schedule designed to minimize disruption to the customer’s lifestyle. Our factory trained mechanics focus on sealing the ductwork and tightening connections to ensure that the system meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s performance specifications.


Air Conditioning Repairs

Smart homeowners agree—it’s cheaper to prevent a problem than to fix one. Since air conditioners are complex machines with many moving parts, they require regular maintenance to continue operating reliably and at peak performance. When a unit does require an air conditioning repair, we dispatch factory-trained and NATE-certified technicians equipped with advanced diagnostic tools to quickly identify the faulty components. Our techs can restore all makes and models to full working order. When the job is completed, the invoice amount will never exceed our final estimate.

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