How to Show Allergens The Door This Fall

May 17, 2021

From pollen to dust, there are plenty of airborne contaminants to make you sneeze during the fall. That doesn’t mean you have to deal with sniffling and sneezing inside your Kannapolis, North Carolina, home, though. Get to know four ways you can show allergens the door this autumn.

Step Up Your Cleaning Routine

You can keep ragweed pollen outside where it belongs by stepping up your cleaning routine. Ask your family to leave shoes and jackets near the door, and vacuum, dust, and mop thoroughly once a week. Launder curtains, linens, and bedspreads weekly to make sure that you’ve captured every last particle of pollen.

Replace Your Air Filter

If you haven’t replaced your HVAC system’s air filter lately, early fall is the ideal time to do so. At Ross & Witmer, we include an air filter change with our seasonal HVAC maintenance, and we recommend continuing to replace it every one to three months. Since these air filters capture pollen, dust, and mold circulating through your home’s air supply, they’re critical for keeping your air free from fall allergens.

Install an Air Purifier

When your allergic reactions to ragweed, dust mites, or other fall allergens are severe, a standard air filter might not be enough. For advanced filtration, we often recommend installing an air purifier. Much more than just room air cleaners, our whole-house air purifiers trap up to 95 percent of the pathogens in your home’s air. Our Infinity Air Purifier GAPA even kills pathogens and viruses upon contact, which can help your family beat colds, too.

Try a Dehumidifier

Air filters and purifiers can trap mold spores, but severe allergies often call for another solution. Mold thrives in wet areas, including homes with high humidity levels. Our whole-home dehumidifiers pull the extra moisture out of the air, which helps to cut mold and keep the sneezing at bay.

Whether your home needs an air purifier, a whole-home dehumidifier, a combination, or HVAC maintenance, we’re here to help. Call Ross & Witmer to learn more about how your family can show allergens the door this season: 704-392-6188.


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