Signs it’s time for an A/C Repair

May 10, 2023
hvac repair

Your air conditioning system is an essential part of your home, especially during the hot summer months. It’s important to keep your system in good working order to ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable. But how do you know when your A/C system needs repairs? Here are some signs to look out for:

Hot Air

If you notice warm air coming from your air conditioning vents, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your system. This could be due to a variety of issues, including a faulty compressor or a refrigerant leak. It’s important to have a professional HVAC technician diagnose the issue and make any necessary repairs.

Weak Air Flow

If your air conditioning system isn’t blowing enough air or the airflow is weak, it could be due to a dirty air filter, a blocked duct, or a malfunctioning blower fan. Poor airflow can cause your system to work harder and consume more energy, leading to higher energy bills and premature wear and tear on your system.

Things don’t sound right

If you hear unusual noises coming from your air conditioning system, such as grinding, squealing, or banging sounds, it’s a sign that something is wrong. These noises could be due to loose parts, worn-out bearings, or a malfunctioning compressor. Ignoring these sounds could lead to costly repairs down the road, so it’s best to have them checked out by a professional.

Strange Smells

If you notice unpleasant odors coming from your air conditioning system, it could be due to mold or mildew growing inside the unit. These odors can not only be unpleasant, but they can also be harmful to your health. It’s important to have the system cleaned and disinfected by a professional HVAC technician to eliminate mold and improve indoor air quality.

High Energy Bills

If you notice a sudden increase in your energy bills, it could be a sign that your air conditioning system is working harder than it should. This could be due to a variety of issues, including a clogged air filter, dirty coils, or a malfunctioning thermostat. It’s important to have your system inspected and repaired to improve energy efficiency and lower your energy bills.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to have your air conditioning system inspected and repaired by a professional HVAC technician. Ignoring these issues could lead to more costly repairs down the road and a less efficient system. Contact Ross & Witmer today to schedule an inspection and ensure that your A/C system is running smoothly all summer long.


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