3 Reasons to Get an HVAC Efficiency Assessment this Summer

August 26, 2015
Ross and Witmer

Assessing your HVAC system’s efficiency is essential during the summer months, and performing this crucial service ahead of time will make you better prepared for Charlotte’s hot and humid season. While there are certainly a lot of things you can do to test your system’s efficiency on your own, a professional HVAC audit has a variety of benefits.

1. The Blower Door Test

Professionals use a powerful fan called a blower door that mounts into one of your home’s exterior door frames. It lowers the indoor air pressure by pulling air out of the house. The outside air pressure then flows back in through openings and cracks, which indicate air leaks. Sealing these leaks boosts your air conditioner’s performance and saves energy.

While you can perform your own home energy audit and identify cracks on your own, this test detects even minute openings that are often missed by the naked eye.

2. Air Duct Efficiency Test

Duct leakage is a main source of energy loss for most HVAC systems. Even if you have a high-efficiency HVAC, leaky ductwork defeats the purpose. Sealing air ducts is effective, but testing is in order if you want to find the source of the problem. The blower door test is sometimes used in this assessment, as are a number of other techniques like pressure pan testing.

3. Home Health Assessment

A comprehensive home health assessment combines scientific and technical testing solutions to improve your HVAC efficiency and overall home performance. Techniques like infrared scanning helps uncover hidden air leaks and insulation gaps, while physical inspections of your attic, crawlspace, basement, and exterior check for all sorts of things like moisture issues, insulation values, drainage problems, and potential combustion problems. Addressing any of these problems throughout the home will boost your AC’s efficiency, allowing it to cool the home with less effort.

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