3 Ways Your HVAC Contractor Can Help Prevent Allergies

April 17, 2016
Ross and Witmer

If you suffer from allergies, you may not realize that your Charlotte, North Carolina, home could be triggering those allergies. Your HVAC contractor has the tools and knowledge to help prevent allergy and asthma triggers throughout your home by performing different services. Check out the top three ways your HVAC contractor can help prevent allergies.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance helps to ensure that your HVAC system is running efficiently and that your air filters are cleaned or replaced. Your air filters are excellent at trapping unwanted debris from coming into your home, but if they aren’t cleaned regularly, they actually can make your air quality worse instead of better.

Schedule maintenance twice a year, and ask your HVAC professional how to change them yourself between service visits. If you’re noticing your home is dustier than usual, that’s another sign that you need to replace your filters.

Duct Cleanings

Unless you have a ductless system, all the air that is blowing into your home is blowing through your ducts. Over time, dust and debris start to settle in your ducts, and your clean air passes through it or blows it out of your vents. Animals and bugs can also nest in your ducts if you’re not careful. To make sure your air is untainted, get your ducts cleaned regularly.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Even if you take plenty of steps to keep your air clean, there may be factors you never considered. Have your HVAC contractor perform an indoor air quality (IAQ) test in your home to see where you stand. Poor IAQ can trigger both asthma and allergies without you even realizing it’s the cause. Once you’ve had your testing done, take other steps to prevent poor IAQ in the future. Your HVAC contractor can recommend tips to help with this endeavor.

If you want to improve your IAQ or help remove allergy triggers in your home, we’re the right people to call. Call 704-392-6188 to schedule an appointment with Ross & Witmer today.

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