5 Common A/C Problems

July 22, 2013
Ross and Witmer

Common A/C problems can be the result of many issues. Faulty installation, improper operation, improperly performed service procedures, and a lack of maintenance can result in many common A/C problems.

Could the following 5 common A/C problems be affecting your system?

  1. Improper refrigerant levels: Leaking systems or systems that were either undercharged or overcharged at installation can ruin your system’s efficiency. Refrigerant charge must be exact for optimum performance. Have a trained technician check refrigerant levels and for possible leaks before correcting the refrigerant amount.
  2. Drainage problems: The condensate drain can become clogged in humid weather. Check the drain to make sure it’s emptying as it should when the weather is sticky.
  3. Inadequate maintenance: Dirty coils and air filters force your system to work harder and increase heating and cooling costs. Compressors and fans may fail prematurely as a result. Scheduling annual maintenance for your system can help you avoid many common A/C problems.
  4. Improper operation: If your system is oversized or is frequently turned on and off, compressor and fan controls can wear out. Wire and terminal corrosion can also result in problems, as can thermostat sensors that have been knocked out of position. To prevent your system from behaving erratically or operating improperly, have your A/C serviced regularly so that electrical connections and sensors can be checked.
  5. Faulty installation: Leaky ducts and poor airflow from improper installation can significantly reduce the performance and efficiency of your system. Educate yourself about what to look for in a professional technician to guarantee the proper installation and function of your new system.

If your home’s HVAC system is suffering from any of these common problems, contact Ross & Witmer. We’ve been committed to providing high quality and efficient heating, cooling and mechanical service to homes and businesses in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, Gaston and Union, North Carolina, since 1945.

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