The 5 Musts of Geothermal System Maintenance

September 18, 2013
Ross and Witmer

Geothermal systems rely on latent thermal energy in the earth to provide heating and air conditioning. The principal behind geothermal heat pumps is that heat passes from the earth into the home during cooler winter months, then, in the summertime, heat is pulled from the home and into the ground.

Seventy percent of the energy used in geothermal systems is renewable and they are considered one of the best heating and cooling solutions available. The Environmental Protection Agency has even added them to the approved Energy Star products list. Geothermal systems require minimal maintenance, but homeowners should be aware of five maintenance issues that keep the system operating at maximum efficiency.

  1. Installation
    Installation is critical to the proper functioning of a geothermal system. Qualified HVAC professionals, with geothermal experience, should be in charge of the installation. Indoor components are like regular systems and involve an air handler and ductwork. Outdoor components are complicated as the yard layout must be considered. Reputable contractors will determine the correct size of the geothermal system for your home.
  2. Antifreeze
    The geothermal system will not work effectively without the correct levels of antifreeze. Levels will be checked by your technician during routine geothermal system maintenance visits.
  3. Dirt and debris
    The indoor system parts are subject to damage if dirt and debris are not cleaned on a regular basis. The HVAC technician will clean all components during maintenance checks.
  4. Ductwork
    Obstructions impede the heating and cooling effectiveness of the system, and your system will be unable to keep your home comfortable. Duct maintenance is necessary to keep the geothermal system working at full efficiency.
  5. Piping
    Underground piping, plastic or copper, requires no maintenance. Technicians check the piping to make sure that they are not leaking during maintenance checks.

When these five geothermal maintenance checks are properly completed, your system will efficiently take care of your heating and air conditioning needs. If you have further questions about geothermal system maintenance, please contact the experts at Ross and Witmer; dedicated provider of HVAC services to residents of Charlotte, Mecklenburg, Gaston, and Union since 1945.

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