4 Advanced Heat Pump Features and How They Can Impact Your Charlotte Home

November 21, 2014
Ross and Witmer

Increasingly, homes in moderate climates like that of the Charlotte area are opting for heat pumps for efficient heating and cooling. An air-source heat pump is usually installed as a split system with an outdoor condenser/compressor and indoor air handling unit (or an evaporator coil attached to a furnace blower). If maintained properly, it can provide cooling that rivals a high-efficiency A/C, as well as heating efficiency exceeding 300 percent.

You can get even higher efficiencies with advanced heat pump features. These include:

Two-Speed Compressor

A standard heat pump offers only one compressor speed: 100 percent. With a two-speed compressor, the heat pump can better adjust to your heating or cooling needs at any given time. This saves electricity and wear and tear on heat pump components.

Variable-Speed Blower Motor

This heat pump feature is similar to the two-speed compressor in that it allows the system to operate at different levels, in this case the blower speed. Most of the time, it will operate at a slower, more continuous speed. This uses less energy, provides more even cooling or heating, places less wear on components, and offers superior air filtration and humidity control. Since the air is moving through the system for a longer period of time, it passes through filters and humidifiers/dehumidifiers more often.


When considering advanced heat pump features, don’t forget to check out a desuperheater. This component takes waste heat from a heat pump’s cooling operation and uses it to heat water inexpensively. Heating water is likely your home’s second highest energy cost, so you’ll appreciate these savings.

Scroll Compressor

This heat pump feature is an improvement over standard piston compressors. It does a better job of compressing refrigerant, improving on its heat exchange capabilities. The scroll compressor delivers significantly warmer air in heating mode, as well as a longer service life for the equipment and less noisy operation.

For more help with advanced heat pump features, or any questions about your home’s heating and cooling, please contact us at Ross & Witmer. We’ve proudly served the Charlotte, Gaston, Union and Mecklenburg communities since 1945.

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