Dealing with AC Problems? Try These Troubleshooting Tips

July 8, 2014
Ross and Witmer

During the summer, your A/C does it’s best to keep up with the Charlotte heat and humidity. And if something goes wrong, you know it. That’s why it’s important to keep your air conditioner properly maintained. Of course, if you do run into trouble, don’t panic. Some common A/C problems can be fixed quite simply.

Troubleshooting Common A/C Problems

  • If the system is not turning on when it should, check the circuit breakers. If everything is okay, check the thermostat settings. Turn the thermostat down 5 degrees and see if it kicks on. If this doesn’t work, get a professional opinion.
  • If the air conditioner does not seem to be cooling the house enough, check for open windows and doors first. Then check you evaporator coil for ice. If it is frozen, switch to fan only for 15 minutes or so. This should defrost the coil. If it still doesn’t work, call a pro.
  • If the motor is running but no cool air is coming out, check the thermostat first. Make sure it’s on and that setting is actually lower than the current temperature. Next, check the condenser. It may be blocked by weeds, bushes or something placed against the unit.
  • If the system turns on and off repeatedly, this could be a dirty or blocked condenser or a dirty evaporator. A thorough cleaning will usually do the problem. If you’re not comfortable handling this job, please call a professional.

If the above common A/C problems are not remedied with the listed checks, a professional heating and air conditioning technician must be called to inspect and make adjustments and recommendations.

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