Good Ductwork Design Is Essential for a Cooler Home

April 23, 2014
Ross and Witmer

When entering the planning stages of a new home, it’s always important to consider the ductwork design as an important part of the final product. A good ductwork design scheme can save energy costs over the long haul and keep your house cooler in the summer (and warmer in the winter).

Ductwork Design Factors

Ductwork design requires the expertise of a professional and sizing according to ACCA standards, but here are a few factors involved in ductwork design.

  • It is important that the size or diameter of the ductwork to be large enough to accommodate the amount of air that your system must provide at any given time.Your technician will use Manual D to assist in this process.
  • Ducts should be properly sealed to ensure that conditioned air makes it to its proper destination. Leaking ducts can be costly.
  • Ducts should be installed in conditioned areas. If that’s not possible, ducts should be properly insulated to avoid unwanted heat transfer.
  • Shorter duct runs are preferable, as longer runs allow more opportunity for leakage or heat transfer. Abrupt elbows and corners should be avoided, while rounded and flowing turns facilitate better airflow.
  • There needs to be an equal amount of supply and return ducts to balance the air pressure. This prevents your unit from working overtime to supplement the potential imbalance of air pressure in a flawed HVAC system.

If you’re in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, Gaston, Union or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact us at Ross & Witmer. We specialize in ductwork design, maintenance and repair. We can provide you with an affordable solution that can help you save on energy costs in the long run.

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