Heat Loss Affecting Your Charlotte Home in Winter? Get the Upper Hand

December 16, 2013
Ross and Witmer

You can get a lot more savings out of your energy-efficient furnace if you look beyond the burner and blower and keep in mind that those things are only parts of a much larger energy-handling system: your entire house. If you take a whole-house approach to energy efficiency, you can reduce heat loss from your home significantly.

How to Reduce Heat Energy Loss

The tasks you tackle this winter to tighten up your home will also pay off next summer in reduced heat gain and lower conditioning bills. You can do some of these things yourself, but call a licensed HVAC contractor for help with anything you’re not comfortable doing:

  • Start with your attic. Make sure your roof is in good shape and there are no leaks that could reduce the effectiveness of insulation or lead to structural damage. If your attic insulation isn’t adequate for our North Carolina climate, upgrading it could be one of the best investments you can make to improve your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Plug air leaks. Feel for drafts around doors and windows, below electrical outlets and anywhere that plumbing or electric lines come into your house. Caulking and weatherstripping to block air leaks is inexpensive and easy to do.
  • Lower your hot water setting. Turning your water heater temperature down to 120 degrees will save energy and make your home safer for small children. A thermal blanket around your hot water tank will reduce heat loss from the tank.
  • Use window coverings effectively. Insulated draperies or window shades can reduce nighttime heat loss, particularly if they seal well around the window frames. Open shades on south-facing windows to take advantage of sunny winter days and the free solar heat they offer.

Contact the pros at Ross & Witmer for more energy-saving tips and for installation and maintenance of your HVAC systems. We can help you keep your Charlotte area home comfortable and efficient all year round.

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