Home Insulation: The Year-Round Benefits

May 23, 2013
Ross and Witmer

For many people, the word insulation implies warmth and comfort. As a result, they don’t think about checking their home insulation until the temperatures dip to the point that they need to turn on the furnace. insulation, however, also has benefits during the cooling season. By insulating your home properly, you ensure that your furnace and air conditioner will run more efficiently and less often. By keeping the warm and cool air that you’re paying for indoors, where it belongs, it stands to reason that you’ll reduce your utility bills year-round. And while your bills plunge, your comfort level – with your bills and your consistent indoor temperature – should rise.

So where does insulation belong? At those pivot points where warm air is most likely to escape in the winter and come inside in the summer: the roof, ceiling, walls, floors and pipes in your home. Not all home insulation is created equally, however, so choose the right type for the project at hand:

  • Choose cellulose insulation for walls and ceiling cavities. This type of insulation is blown into cavities through small, drilled holes.
  • Roll out cotton batts for open roof rafters, ceiling joists and wall studs. Loose fill is also a good choice for attic floors and wall cavities.
  • Select fiberglass insulation for big home insulation jobs, such as wall cavities, attic floors and ceilings.
  • Give insulation foam the nod for interior basement walls and underneath siding and attic ceilings. It can be sprayed through small holes in walls.
  • Use batts and loose fill generously (including around outlets and electrical switches). Wool products can emit eye, throat and skin irritants, so wear a face mask.
  • Purchase pipe wrap ?for small areas of pipe and tubular sleeve insulation for longer stretches of pipe. The latter comes in 6-foot tubes, so you can easily cover longer areas more efficiently.

Installing home insulation is one of those jobs that many homeowners feel more comfortable placing in the hands of experts. At Ross & Witmer, we’re all about comfort, and we handle insulation every day. Call us to schedule your home insulation appointment today and watch your comfort level start to rise tomorrow.

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