Lower Heating Bills in Your Charlotte Home With These Tips

December 26, 2014
Ross and Witmer

To combat the chilly winter weather in the Charlotte area and to help keep heating costs down, you’ve probably pulled out your arsenal of wooly mittens, knit scarves and fleece blankets. But no matter how many layers you pile on, there’s a good chance you still feel like you’re living in an icebox. Luckily, there are some relatively simple and low-cost things you can do that will not only save energy, but also make your home feel more comfortable. Learn how to lower heating bills while still having a warm and snug living space.

7 Easy Steps to Lower Heating Bills

  1. Seal all air leaks that you find around doors, windows, electrical outlets, plumbing fixtures and anywhere else air may escape. Use weatherstripping to stop leaks around movable features, and apply caulking to leaks around stationary components.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat so you don’t have to remember to lower the temperature when you’re asleep or away.
  3. Make sure you have adequate insulation in the attic, even over the access door, to keep more warm air inside.
  4. Adjust the door threshold height. If you have a big space between the bottom of an exterior door and the threshold and the threshold is adjustable, simply turn the screws counterclockwise to raise it until you can’t see most of the sunlight seeping through the bottom. Just make sure it’s not so high that opening and closing the door becomes difficult.
  5. Put plastic film over windows and sliding doors during the cold season to save about 14 percent on heating bills.
  6. Use a portable heater so you can turn the thermostat down. The heater can be used in the room where everyone spends the most time. This easy step can save you about 3 percent for every degree you lower the temperature.
  7. Plug the chimney up. When not in use, air can escape through a chimney. Inflatable chimney balloons can help prevent such waste and are an inexpensive, worthwhile investment.

For more information on how to lower heating bills, contact the home comfort pros at Ross & Witmer anytime.

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