Preparing your A/C for the Summer

May 11, 2022
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Importance of air conditioning maintenance

It’s important that you maintain your air conditioner to ensure that it runs properly and your house stays comfortable for the whole summer season. One of the most important parts of keeping up with your air conditioner’s maintenance is changing the air filters. The filters keep the air quality in your home high as well as prevent build up of dust and dirt on the unit, depending on the filter that is install it should be changed regularly. Another important aspect of air conditioner maintenance is keeping the coils cleaned and maintained. When you have the system serviced the technician can clean and inspect the coils as well as other parts of your system to ensure they are functioning properly. 

Maintaining your air filters

Cleaning and changing your air conditioner filters helps your system to run more proficiently, which, in turn, improves the air quality in your home and can lower the cost of running your unit. Depending on the filters they should be replaced at every every three to six months, but some may need replacing more frequently if you have pets or have allergies.

To keep your air conditioner functioning properly, start by taking out the filter from the unit. Cover both hands with gloves to avoid getting dirt and debris on your hands. Be sure the air intake or filter is not damaged. Some air filters may be present in the air conditioner itself as well. This task can be done during the routine maintenance on your air conditioner, if necessary, by a heating and cooling system contractor.

Keeping your air conditioning filter clean helps your system run smoothly and prevents the entire system from being overworked. Damaged or dirty filters should be replaced immediately. If any interior air filters are dirty or damaged, replace those as well.

Having your Air Conditioning System Cleaned

It is your responsibility to have your air conditioning unit cleaned regularly. This will help prevent dust from accumulating and will allow a technician to identify any issues before the unit stops working. By having your unit cleaned regularly, you can also extend the life of the unit. 

By implementing preventative HVAC maintenance, your system will operate more smoothly and have fewer problems in the future, thereby preventing more costly repairs. Accumulations of dust, leaks, or worn parts are major causes of system failure, so regular preventive HVAC maintenance is essential. By scheduling preventative HVAC maintenance, you can avoid having your system break down and needing expensive repairs.

Scheduling Early

Air conditioning maintenance will keep your home comfortable for the whole summer season. Arranging air conditioning maintenance early on will help you avoid a rush of people trying to get their air conditioners serviced in late summertime. Air conditioning maintenance usually consists of cleansing the system to get rid of any dirt or dust that has accumulated over time. It also include checking your refrigerant levels to make sure that it will run without any issues throughout out the season

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