Should You Repair or Replace Your HVAC System?

February 27, 2017
Ross and Witmer

Repair or Replace

As much as you might want it to, the HVAC system in your Charlotte, North Carolina, home won’t last forever. If your current system has started to make odd sounds or condition your home less efficiently, it’s time to take action. Take a closer look at the signs that you should repair or replace your HVAC system in order to keep your family healthy and comfortable.

Your Heating or Cooling System Won’t Turn On

This might sound serious, but it’s often just a minor issue. When you first notice that your HVAC system isn’t turning on when it should, don’t panic. Head straight for the thermostat and make sure it’s turned on and set to either heat or cool. Next, try adjusting the temperature until it’s five degrees above or below the current indoor temperature.

If that doesn’t cause your HVAC system to turn on, give us a call at Ross & Witmer. We’ll determine if your HVAC system needs a repair or a replacement.

Your HVAC System Makes Strange Noises

Most HVAC systems make a quiet click sound when they first turn on, followed by standard blowing sounds throughout the cycle. If your air conditioner suddenly starts to make loud noises, you might have a problem on your hands.

Screeches generally indicate minor repairs, such as belts that need replacement. The same is usually true for thumping and clanking, noises that indicate a part is coming loose and should be replaced.

If you hear the outdoor unit make a loud rattling sound, though, it might be time to consider looking at our selection of new air conditioners. This noise often means that the compressor is failing, which can be a costly replacement.

There’s a Constant Layer of Dust in Your House

If your family suffers from allergies, you probably strive to keep your home as clean as possible. After all, keeping the dust, mold, and pollen under control can only help during allergy season.

When your home is constantly dusty, despite your best efforts, you might have an indoor air quality problem on your hands. This doesn’t usually mean you need a new HVAC system, but it does mean you should have your ductwork checked. Our experienced technicians can recommend duct sealing or repairs to keep your home clean and your HVAC system running smoothly.

Your Home Regularly Feels Too Humid

Charlotte homeowners know what high humidity feels like, and it’s not something that most want inside the home. If your HVAC system can’t keep your home at a comfortable humidity level, we can offer a range of options depending on the severity of the problem.

If your air conditioner is fairly new, a whole-house dehumidifier can help get humidity back under control. If your air conditioner is older or significantly oversized for your home, however, it’s usually in your best interest to replace the system.

Some Rooms Are Too Cool, While Others Are Too Warm

Ideally, each room in your home maintains a temperature that feels just right. If some rooms always feel too cool and others are way too hot, it’s time to call your local HVAC technicians.

After inspecting your system, we might recommend a simple fix like programming your thermostat to accommodate your family’s schedule or a relatively inexpensive repair like sealing your ducts. If your system is more than 10 years old, however, we may recommend that you replace it with a new, efficient air conditioner with zoning systems to accommodate climate control needs throughout your house.

Your Utility Bills Keep Increasing

If your HVAC usage remains constant but your utility bills keep increasing, there’s a good chance you need to replace the system. If you’ve had it for more than a decade, it may continue to lose efficiency over time, which will continue to cost you more. Our HVAC technicians can recommend Energy Star-certified air conditioners, heat pumps, or furnaces that will keep your family comfortable while keeping your utility bills lower than ever.

Is your cooling or heating system due for an upgrade or repairs? Call Ross & Witmer to make an appointment with our knowledgeable technicians today: 704-392-6188.

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