How We Replace a Thermostat in Your House

February 12, 2014
Ross and Witmer

If you’re thinking of upgrading your manual thermostat to a new programmable model, you stand to gain many benefits. Not only can you save energy with setbacks while you’re away or sleeping, you can return or wake up to a more comfortable home thanks to automatic programming. The investment in a new unit pays for itself quickly, both in energy savings and improved home comfort.

If you’re wondering how much work goes into upgrading to a programmable thermostat in your home, here’s a look at how we will replace your thermostat when you choose Ross & Witmer for your home comfort services:

  • First, we turn off the power to the heating and air conditioning system to avoid electric shock during the installation.
  • Next, we remove the old thermostat cover. Before we unscrew the wires, we label them to ensure we connect them properly to the new unit. Then we loosen the screws, remove the wires, and take the body of the old thermostat out of the wall cavity.
  • After that, it’s time to install the new thermostat. We install the batteries followed by mounting the thermostat to its base.
  • Then we follow the unit’s specific instructions for threading the wires through and connecting them to the corresponding screw terminals. We double check that the thermostat is mounted level and then screw it into place by hand.
  • Finally, we snap the faceplate on and restore power to the thermostat. Before we leave you to it, we test the new thermostat to make sure it’s functioning as it should.

The process of installing a programmable thermostat is generally straightforward. We can have the job done quickly. If you want to attempt the replacement yourself, feel free. However, if you find more than two lead wires when you pop the faceplate off your old thermostat, it’s best if you leave the removal and installation process to a professional.

Now that you understand how we replace a thermostat in your house, contact us at Ross & Witmer so we can complete the installation process for you. Our experience serving residents in the Charlotte area dates back to 1945.

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