Testing Indoor Air Quality at Work

June 13, 2013
Ross and Witmer

Air quality is something that is important to everybody. We all need to breathe air constantly to live, but not all air is equal. There are are certain factors that affect the quality of the air, and if the air quality is poor, health issues and discomfort can arise. Whether at home or at work, where you must spend a large amount of time, and where you are expected to focus and perform at your best, poor indoor air quality should be recognized and remedied. Headaches, coughing, shortness of breath, tiredness and asthma attacks can be symptoms of poor air quality, though sometimes there are no signs. Other illnesses that may be of concern due to poor indoor air quality in the work place are Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis and Legionnaire’s Disease, both of which can lead to pneumonia.

Indoor air quality can be affected by the humidity and temperature as well as a lack of ventilation from outside, or the presence of mold, chemicals or pollutants in the air. Because of the various factors that can affect the air, testing indoor air quality at work cannot be done with one overall test, but by measuring and testing for each of the factors themselves.

Measurements should be regularly taken of the temperature, humidity and airflow. Inspection of the HVAC system is also important to identify any issues at the source. The heating and A/C systems will be checked to be sure they are functioning correctly as well as the ducts and ventilation. A professional will be able to check for proper operation, as well as test for leaks, odors or standing water that could be causing issues. Contamination of the air with pollutants should also be checked.

Testing the air quality and making necessary repairs is vital in order to keep the workplace healthful and productive.

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