Tightening the Envelope: 3 Solutions for Proper Home Insulation

July 15, 2016
Ross and Witmer

No matter how old your home is, it was probably not built tightly enough for maximum comfort and home efficiency. This means that your home’s windows, floors, attics, ducts, crawlspaces, and building envelope could be leaking your conditioned air outside. This could be costing you unnecessary money and making your home unhealthy. To fix these problems, here are three of the best solutions for proper home insulation.

Spray Foam

Spray foam is one of the most effective methods for sealing the building envelope of a home. Not only does it prevent conditioned air from leaking outside, it also provides more thermal resistance than other insulation materials. It works by expanding up to 100 times its original size to fill every crack, crevice, and corner of your home for maximum air sealing. Some benefits include sound reduction, improved indoor air quality, lower energy bills, and a stronger building envelope. Spray foam can also improve the overall comfort of your home, meaning better humidity control and longer HVAC life.


Cellulose is made from recycled newspaper and other paper materials, and is one of the safest, most effective, and most energy-efficient insulation materials available. It can be applied in all areas of the home to resist air flow and tighten the building envelope. For safety, cellulose is treated with non-toxic fire retardants and has a 1-hour fire rating. Some additional benefits include sound reduction, lower energy bills, and a high R-value per square inch – this means that it has strong insulating power compared to other materials.

Glass-Free Insulation

Glass-free insulation is a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for proper home sealing. It is made from 50% recycled products including plastic bottles and other post-consumer material, as well as polyester fibers. Glass-free insulation provides thermal resistance and can help reduce energy consumption while also saving you money on your utility bill. Additional benefits include sound reduction and a stronger building envelope.

Insulating your home properly is important for your comfort, health, and wallet. Learn more about Ross & Witmer’s reliable sealing and insulation solutions, or call us today at 704-392-6188 to speak to an expert.

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