How a Variable Speed Furnace Can Benefit Your North Carolina Home

October 22, 2013
Ross and Witmer

If you need to replace the furnace in your home before the cold winds of winter begin blowing through North Carolina, you may want to consider an upgrade to a variable speed furnace. This type of furnace runs at a variable speed, which, compared to the fan in the regular furnace, creates several advantages:

  • Reduced energy bills – When the fan in a normal unit turns on, it always runs at full speed, using large amounts of electricity. When the set temperature is reached, the fan shuts off, leaving warm air still in the ducts, where the heat will be used less efficiently. With a variable speed furnace, the fan runs at high speed only when needed for quick heating, then reduces speed to continuously move warm air. Overall, this reduces both electricity consumption and fuel consumption.
  • Lower noise – A high speed fan can produce a large amount of noise, especially when it first starts, and that noise is often transmitted as vibrations throughout the house’s ductwork. The variable speed fan, however, starts slow and accelerates, reducing the initial noise impact. When it returns to a slow speed, any noise practically disappears while still moving air and keeping a comfortable temperature.
  • Consistent temperature – Unlike a normal furnace that must cycle on and off to maintain temperature, a variable speed furnace is always moving warm air, increasing speed when necessary to keep the temperature constant. Also, since the unit doesn’t cycle, the noticeable cold spots between cycles are eliminated.

To increase your energy savings and home comfort, you should consider a furnace that combines a variable speed motor with a two stage heating system. By adding the ability to adjust the furnace’s thermal output in combination with the fan, the greatest amount of heating flexibility and efficiency is achieved.

When you’re ready to have your heating system upgraded, contact Ross & Witmer to find out what the best options are for your home and your budget. Our expert team of HVAC professionals serves Charlotte homeowners, as well as residents of many surrounding cities, including Mecklenburg, Gaston, Union and Cornelius.

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