11 Reasons to Sign up For a Preventative Maintenance Plan this Winter

November 28, 2015
Ross and Witmer

Winter is on its way to Charlotte, North Carolina, and having a nice warm home on a frigid day is a thing of beauty. If you would like it to stay as cozy as possible in your house, here are 11 reasons you need a Preventative Maintenance Plan.

Improved System Performance

Regular upkeep helps your system run at peak performance without costly repairs for years. These systems need regular maintenance to remain problem-free. Our specialists will perform the necessary diagnostics and tune your system to run at its most efficient level possible. This keeps your system running smoothly while bringing down your HVAC costs year-round. Scheduled air conditioning and heating maintenance guarantees you will live comfortably during both the dog days of summer and the most frigid days of winter.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

With our preventative maintenance plan, you don’t need to remember to set your yearly or semi-yearly HVAC check-up. Instead, we will send you updates and get our work done at your convenience. This lets you know that your system’s needs are exceedingly important to us. Now, even if you don’t have a scheduled maintenance setup, we do still suggest that you have your system professionally checked yearly no matter what. This offers you some help with catching issues early and keeps your gear in top condition all season, diminishing the chance for surprising breakdowns.

Energy Savings

A well-maintained HVAC system costs less to run; however, inefficiencies can show up and develop after some time. By utilizing routine maintenance and system checks twice per year, your plan really saves you cash each month, since you’ve ensured that your HVAC is still running efficiently. Without maintenance, your HVAC gear’s efficiency decreases each year. In fact, the level of efficiency maintained can often pay for itself in energy savings rather quickly.

Also, dirt and grime inside your HVAC system can raise your bill significantly. Your gas or electric furnace or your heat pump may be costing you gobs of cash with no visible signs of a problem. The trained eye of a technician that you get through a maintenance plan will save money every month on your heating.

During scheduled maintenance visits, our HVAC experts do a wide assortment of checks to guarantee that your HVAC unit is working at top efficiency. The system’s controls are investigated to guarantee that everything is working exactly as it should. Engines and electrical components are also examined to make sure of proper operation and voltage.

Major internal parts are likewise cleaned, ensuring they won’t have to work as hard to achieve the desired results. And when the checkup is finished, you can rest assured of smooth operation and less energy usage.


During visits, our HVAC professionals can regularly discover minor issues that can be easy to fix before they become huge problems. This keeps repair needs down while drawing out the life of the HVAC system itself. Truth be told, there’s probably a laundry list of things you’d rather spend your money on than replacing an entire unit.

The best way to get the most life from your HVAC system is to properly maintain it. Machine parts will wear out after some time, so catching the problem early prevents a repair that could cost as much as replacing the whole system. Ask any HVAC professional, and they’ll let you know that more than 50 percent of their HVAC repair calls are because of an absence of regular tuneups.

The reasonable costs of maintenance plans easily pay for themselves by avoiding repairs that can get worse due to neglect. Our technicians catch minor issues before they grow into HVAC calamities that could cost you a great deal of cash to settle. Your home’s HVAC unit is usually the most expensive appliance you own. So, by signing up for a maintenance plan, you can add years to your system’s life.

Priority Service

A mid-winter heater breakdown has to be handled quickly. Having a Preventative Maintenance Plan puts you at the top of the technician’s priority list. You won’t need to wait for days for an expert to stop by in the event that you have a crisis. On the off-chance that your system happens to go down during a busy season, there are no stresses.

Avoiding Untimely Breakdowns

HVAC units don’t warn you when they are going to break, and they certainly don’t break at your convenience. Scheduled maintenance will recognize little issues before they turn into a total breakdown. By taking care of your system regularly with a maintenance plan, you are much less likely to experience surprise breakdowns.


You need your home to be an ideal getaway for you and your loved ones to live and unwind. Needlessly warm or frosty environments won’t make anyone feel comfortable. Unreasonable mugginess, in the meantime, could create a breeding ground for mold or mildew and bring respiratory woes to your family. Your HVAC system is meant to keep you comfortable day and night, regardless of the season, and that comfort is our top priority.

Does it seem like your HVAC system can never get the temperature in your home entirely where you need it to be? A little tuneup during a scheduled visit may be all it takes to give your system the support it needs. We’ll check that everything is working at ideal efficiency to ensure your home is a place of respite, whether you’re entertaining visitors or home alone. With our Preventative Maintenance Plan, you can appreciate the comfort of home with an HVAC system working at its best.

Peace of Mind

With a regular maintenance plan, you can rest assured that your hardware is running efficiently and will keep working for quite a while. To put it another way, think of it like standard oil changes on your automobile. Regular oil changes keep your engine running at its best, and regular maintenance checks on your HVAC system are no different.

Getting regular upkeep from an HVAC professional is the most financially savvy approach to dodge high HVAC repair expenses and to guarantee a long system life. Lower repair bills and increased efficiency put into more dollars in your wallet, but you’ll also take solace in reliable indoor comfort.

Your authorized HVAC expert will take careful consideration of every one of your unit’s needs to guarantee it is running effectively, giving you one less thing to stress over.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

As dust, pet dander, mold, and other airborne debris build up in your system’s filters, vents, and coils, these particles begin circulating through the air, diminishing your indoor air quality. As part of our maintenance plan, our technicians make sure these problem areas are clean to keep your indoor air quality at its best and you at your healthiest.

Keeping Mechanical Parts Intact

A Preventative Maintenance Plan for your HVAC system also looks at the drive belts in your unit. On the off-chance that the drive belts are loosened up, your HVAC unit can wind up working at perilously high temperatures and possibly overheat.

Another thing to consider on your HVAC system is the condenser coils. These coils need regular cleaning and upkeep to continue working efficiently and safely. A Preventative Maintenance Plan will help prolong this part of your unit while ensuring system safety.

Safe Electrical Connections

Regular maintenance visits can also involve checking the system’s electrical relays and contactors. If the electrical transfers and contactors have been harmed because of low-voltage conditions or other issues, the contact focuses can start to overheat. This will certainly harm either the fan engine or the compressor engine, and it may even cause one or both to wear out totally. Having regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system periodically is much less expensive than having these essential parts break down and need to be replaced.

If you want to guarantee an efficient heater this winter, call Ross and Witmer at 704-392-6188 today and sign up for our Preventative Maintenance Plan to keep your home comfortable.

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