Why You Shouldn’t Fix Your HVAC System Yourself

December 15, 2015
Ross and Witmer

With sites like YouTube, Americans are tempted to try to do a lot of things they normally would have called in an expert to do. While it’s now possible to watch a video and handle smaller issues in your Charlotte, North Carolina, home, fixing your HVAC system yourself is not something you should attempt without an expert.

Risking Injury

Your air conditioner has a lot of components involving refrigerant and a lot of electricity. Even if you are very careful, you still are putting yourself at risk for injuries if you try to fix your HVAC unit on your own. Between the chances of electrical shock and being exposed to chemicals, it’s really a job you should leave to the experts.

Creating Bigger Problems

Fixing an HVAC unit is difficult because you don’t always know the source of the problem. If you try to fix something that wasn’t broken, then you’re in a bigger mess than when you started. Furthermore, if you can’t find the source, you may damage something within your unit trying to find the original issue. A trained professional can find an issue much more efficiently and poses less of a risk to cause other damage during the process.

Voiding the Warranty

Although this typically depends on the type of warranty, it is possible to void it if you make a mistake trying to fix your HVAC system on your own. If you use parts that aren’t covered or you create a bigger issue, your warranty may not cover any additional parts to fix your HVAC system in the future.

Although it may be tempting to tinker with your HVAC system, it’s just too complicated of a machine and too big of an investment to take the chance. Even after watching the best YouTube video, you still run the risk of voiding your warranty, getting hurt, or creating even bigger issues or damaging your HVAC system. Call Ross & Witmer at 704-392-6188 to speak to a professional about servicing your HVAC system.

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