4 Factors Experienced Pros Address During A/C Installation

May 26, 2015
Ross and Witmer

The quality of your A/C installation determines whether you’ll enjoy the utmost comfort, peak performance and optimal energy efficiency over the equipment’s life span. By hiring a qualified and experienced pro for the job, you can expect to see four crucial factors addressed during the installation.


To size an A/C correctly, Manual J software is used to perform a detailed load calculation. Skipping this key step and installing cooling equipment that’s too small or too large a capacity can leave you with high energy bills, less comfort and reduced equipment life. The cooling system won’t properly cool or dehumidify your home either, which increases the likelihood of moisture problems and mold growth.


Assessing the ductwork is critical to prevent conditioned air losses from your new equipment and keep contaminants and combustion fumes out of the air supply. The duct system is pressure-tested, the duct sizing is checked and any disconnected or damaged sections are repaired. As a final step, the ducts are sealed with foil-backed tape and sections in unconditioned areas are properly insulated.


The rate of airflow across the cooling coil is tested and calibrated to meet the manufacturer’s guidelines. If airflow issues aren’t corrected, the cooling coil can freeze up. This can eventually harm the compressor and lead to water damage in your home. To ensure your comfort, proper air balance and volume to the various rooms in the home is also checked.


One of the last critical steps in a new equipment installation is charging the air conditioner with refrigerant per the manufacturer’s specifications. The level is checked and verified several times throughout the process, the cooling system is tested and refrigerant level is verified a final time. Having a proper refrigerant charge is vital to avoid future issues with performance, energy efficiency and premature equipment failure.

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