5 Ways Proper Insulation Can Keep Your Home Warm and Your Bills Low

January 20, 2014
Ross and Witmer

Insulation is a necessity in modern Charlotte homes. It helps keep the home comfortable year round. It keeps energy bills down. It makes all parts of the home more energy-efficient. Insulating materials can be added to both new and older homes.

Here are five ways proper insulating materials can keep the home warm and energy bills low:

  1. Attic insulating materials help keep warm air inside the home. Heat rises. With proper materials in the attic space, the heat has nowhere to go. This keeps the conditioned part of the home warmer.
  2. Spray foam helps to seal air leaks. Air leaks allow up to 40 percent of indoor heat to escape. Spray-in foam acts as both an insulating material as well as an air sealant. While more expensive than batt or loose-fill insulating materials, foam has higher R-values.
  3. Rigid sheathing foam helps to seal the interior of the home in an envelope of warmth. When building a new home or putting a new exterior on an old one, it is important to add rigid foam to the outside walls. It improves the home’s efficiency.
  4. Loose-fill insulating materials are perfect for filling wall cavities and odd spaces. Unless you are doing a major renovation of an older home, getting insulation in exterior walls is difficult. Loose-fill, blown-in materials can fill the wall cavities from a simple hole at the top. It also works in spaces where batt installation is awkward or impossible.
  5. Batt insulating materials in the floor space keeps drafts from entering at floor level. Filling the main living floor space with insulation helps keep the conditioned air inside. This can be done from the crawl space or basement.

Insulation must be part of your whole home plan for heating and cooling as well as energy savings. If you need more information on insulating materials or installation, contact us here at Ross & Witmer. We have been serving the Charlotte area since 1945.

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