Add-ons for Your Furnace Installation – Equipment You May Want

December 23, 2013
Ross and Witmer

When you’re going through a new furnace installation, you may want to consider these upgrades that will help lower heating bills and increase indoor comfort. The two features that make such a difference include an electronically commutated motor (ECM), also known as a variable-speed motor and a variable-speed furnace.

Benefits of a Variable-Speed Furnace

A variable-speed furnace senses how much heat your home needs and adjusts the amount of fuel that it burns based on the need for heat. Instead of delivering just one rate of fuel, it changes the amount, resulting in a slower operation when it’s not so cold. Anytime heat is delivered more slowly, the air has a chance to warm more thoroughly. The indoor air also makes more passes through the air filter for the air handler, which helps improve indoor air quality.

When the furnace isn’t running at full capacity, neither does the ECM in the blower. These motors use a fraction of the electricity that a single-speed motor does, and between the reduced burn inside the furnace and lower energy consumption of the motor, a variable-speed furnace will cut your heating bills.

The fan’s motor alone uses from 70 to 80 percent less electricity than a single-speed motor. Some homeowners find that they can use a central air purification system with a furnace that has an ECM to vastly improve indoor air quality without driving up energy costs significantly.

Another benefit of choosing a variable-speed system when going through the furnace installation process is that the system runs quietly. Anyone with a room near the blower will appreciate the slow ramp-up of the motor as it starts its heating cycle, and the reduced noise, even when the system is operating at full capacity. The slow start-up speed also avoids that cold blast of air that comes from a single-speed motor and as the cycle end, the slow stop blows out the heated air that would otherwise remain in the ducts.

To learn more about a furnace installation that uses variable-speed components in the Charlotte area, contact Ross & Witmer today.

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