After Your Home Energy Audit: Which Improvements Come First?

August 18, 2013
Ross and Witmer

If only money were no object, you could take the results of your home energy audit and divide the tasks between yourself and your favorite air conditioning and heating contractor. For most people, though, money is a key factor, as is the urgency of the project and the projected savings it will achieve. By balancing these issues and others, you’ll be able to quickly bring clarity to your to-do list and prioritize the projects accordingly.

So take your home energy audit and:

  • Put a star next to those projects that you believe you can tackle yourself. For the most part, these projects should cost less than others because you won’t have to pay someone else for their labor. For example, you may be able to install weatherstripping and caulk cracks and holes, even if you’ve never done these tasks before.
  • Put two stars next to those projects that are outside your comfort level and/or require a professional’s expertise. For example, if your home energy audit has revealed that your second-story exhaust fans are improperly vented, you may choose to place this important project in experienced hands.
  • Place a dollar estimate next to each project. Rather than guess, consult your trusted HVAC contractor if you’re uncertain. Remember that an accurate bottom line figure is your goal.
  • Assign a simple “urgency rating” to each project, or from 1 (most urgent) to 3 (least urgent). Again, ask questions if you’re unclear about the significance of a project and how it will make your home more energy efficient.
  • Factor in how long you wish to stay in your home and, therefore, which projects make the most sense to tackle.
  • Tally up your rounded-out list by exploring the energy tax credits offered by the U.S. Department of Energy, which may make certain projects more palpable.

For more information about what a home energy audit can do for you, contact the pros at Ross & Witmer. We can help you prioritize your home energy audit to-do list.

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