Possible Causes for an A/C Leaking Water

August 20, 2013
Ross and Witmer

Some condensation is expected from the dehumidifying process of your A/C. However, an A/C leaking water can be a problem. There are five reasons for water leaking from your A/C, and checking for leaks ensures your unit runs efficiently.

What causes your A/C to leak water?

Sometimes you can fix the leak yourself, but most of the time you should consult an HVAC professional. Understanding the causes of your A/C leaking water will help when talking to your HVAC professional. The causes include:

  • Broken pump – Check your condenser pump; leaking water can be an indicator that this part is broken. To check the pump, pour water into the condenser pan to see whether it properly pumps out the excess. If it can’t, check the power. If the power’s good, it’s probably your motor or condenser itself.
  • Improper installation – When your A/C unit isn’t level or there’s too much pressure, water can begin to leak. Make sure the unit’s level and that all the vents in your home are open. Closed vents can add pressure to the valves and cause leakage.
  • Blocked drain hole – The drain removes water from your unit. Sometime debris or dirt clogs it. Check the drain for blockage and if it’s blocked, clear it. The leaking should stop.
  • Cold outdoor temperature – Temperatures sometimes fluctuate and water will build up because the outdoor temperature will get too cold for the water to evaporate. When this happens, water will pool. If the temperature rises and you still see water building up, you need to check for other sources.
  • Loose seals – When your seals are loose, excess warm air enters your unit. Moisture from the air condenses after it mixes with the cold air in your unit, and then a pool of water forms under your unit. When this happens, you need to have your seals resealed.

An A/C that leaks water isn’t terribly serious, but it can be if not promptly taken care of.

When you discover your A/C leaking water, contact Ross & Witmer. Since 1945, we’ve proudly served the residents of the greater Charlotte area.

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