Is Attic Insulation Worth the Trouble?

May 29, 2014
Ross and Witmer

If you’ve been doing research on improving the insulation levels in your home, you’ve probably been advised to pay particular attention to your attic. Proper attic insulation has a substantial effect on your indoor comfort, the ongoing efficiency of your HVAC system, and the amount you pay every month to keep your home comfortable.

The function of insulation is to stop the flow of heat from warm areas to cool ones. A minimally insulated attic, or an attic with no insulation at all, presents two areas of concern:

  1. In the winter, the heat from your furnace or heat pump will rise to the upper areas of your home. If the attic isn’t insulated, the heat will flow upward into that space and be lost through the roof and attic walls. This causes a significant waste of energy and conditioned air that you’ve already paid to heat. It also means your heating system will have to work harder to make up for the loss, increasing costs and putting unnecessary stress on the equipment.
  2. In the summer, attics can get extremely hot. Temperatures of 100 degrees or more are common in uninsulated attics. When the attic space gets this hot, the heat will radiate downward and into the living areas of your home. This will increase temperatures throughout your residence, and especially in rooms that are directly under the attic. Your air conditioner has to work harder, cooling expenses go up, and your cooling system’s lifespan is shortened.

Attic insulation will help resolve these problems with wasted energy and money. In general, you should put blanket insulation between the joists and studs in the attic wall, floor and ceiling. Loose-fill or foam insulation may also be appropriate. Consult with your local trusted HVAC contractor for help choosing the right type and amount of insulation.

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