Balancing Attic Ventilation with Insulation in Your Charlotte-area Home

March 25, 2014
Ross and Witmer

It’s important to properly balance airflow with insulation in your Charlotte-area home. The attic is a prime example of where this takes place in your home. It may seem odd to combine insulation with ventilation in the same space, but the right balance helps promote a durable, energy-efficient home. Here’s why and how you should make attic ventilation and insulation a priority.

Winter Benefits of Ventilation and Insulation

Insulation on the attic floor keeps the heat in your home. At the same time, ventilation keeps the attic cool. This reduces the potential for ice dams, which form on the roof when traces of heat from your home rise into and heat the attic space. This melts the snow on the roof where it rushes to the eaves and freezes into a sold block of ice. This can damage the roof and gutters; thus, adding ample attic insulation and ventilation promotes a more durable roof.

Summer Benefits of Ventilation and Insulation

Insulation prevents unconditioned air in the attic from creeping into your home. Then, attic ventilation moves super-heated air out of the attic and dries up excess moisture that could damage insulation. A cooler attic supports a durable roof and lowers your utility bills.

Increasing Insulation

If you decide to add insulation to the attic, be careful that you don’t cover the soffit vents. Combined with rafter vents, these maintain passive airflow in the attic. Also, don’t lay insulation over recessed light fixtures or can lights unless they are rated IC for Insulated Ceiling. It may be wise to hire a professional to help install the insulation.

Increasing Ventilation

If you don’t think passive ventilation is adequate for your needs, you may choose to install an attic fan. This cools your hot attic by drawing in air from outside and pushing overheated air to the exterior. An attic fan is only recommended if your home is sealed off from the attic and the soffit vents are unobstructed. Placing the fan on a timer helps you save energy.

For help achieving the right balance between ventilation and insulation in your Charlotte-area home, please contact us at Ross & Witmer. Our experience dates back to 1945.

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