What Can Void an HVAC Warranty?

October 13, 2014
Ross and Witmer

If you’ve ever wondered about what can void an HVAC warranty, you’re not alone. In order to give you peace of mind, and prevent you from accidentally voiding your HVAC warranty, we’re going to list some of the things to avoid.

Not Registering Your Warranty

Depending on the manufacturer, some warranties need to be registered within a certain amount of time, otherwise you could be in danger of losing your warranty, or significantly reducing its length.

Non-Manufacturer Replacement Parts

If your system needs to be repaired, you should always try to use manufacturer parts where possible. This is partially because parts specially designed by the same manufacturer will work optimally with your system, and partially because manufacturers do not want to guarantee or endorse products from a separate company.

Your HVAC System Was Not Properly Installed

If your HVAC system was improperly installed, all sorts of issues can occur, including those than can significantly shorten your system’s life. It is your responsibility to ensure you hire qualified technicians to carry out the job properly, otherwise your system could break down and you may be left with the cost of repairing or replacing it for a new one.

You Skipped on Annual Maintenance

Investing in annual professional maintenance has many benefits, including improved energy efficiency, and reassurance that your system is working properly. A yearly check-up can not only prolong your HVAC system’s life, but also ensure that it is covered under warranty should anything go wrong in future. It may cost a little to maintain your system now, but it could save you a lot of money later on.

You Didn’t Keep Proof of Maintenance

If you’re someone who regularly throws out your receipts, this is one point you should pay particular attention to. If for some reason you have to claim on your system’s warranty, the manufacturer may ask you for proof of maintenance.

For more information on what can void an HVAC warranty, or for HVAC services in the Charlotte, NC, area, contact the professionals at Ross and Witmer today. We’ll be happy to help!

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