Controlling Heat Gain in Your Home

October 3, 2013
Ross and Witmer

Now that the weather’s cooler, it’s nice enough to make efficiency improvements to your home. Heat gain is a concern in North Carolina, and if you make some of the following improvements now, you can enjoy the benefits next summer. As a bonus, many of the tips will help you manage your heating costs, as well.

Window Upgrades

The best way to control energy loss through windows is by installing thermal units, especially those with the Energy Star label. These windows have two or three layers of glass separated by a vacuum or gases that prevent thermal transfer. Over time, this investment to improve your home’s energy efficiency will yield both lower cooling bills and and lower heating costs. These windows also block noise transfer.


Deciduous plants are another investment in your home that improve its aesthetics and provide sound energy management. Planted near windows, trees and shrubs block the sun in the summer while allowing it in during the winter.

Thermal Window Coverings

An increasing number of window treatments stylishly block heat transfer through windows. They rely on layers of fabric or other materials with insulating properties. For best results, the top and bottom of the coverings should be tight to prevent air from seeping into your room. Remove these in the winter to let the winter sunshine in.

Window Screens

If high-efficiency windows aren’t in the budget, consider hanging shade screens on windows that have direct solar exposure. Some shade cloth blocks up to 95 percent of the UV energy coming indoors without blocking the view. Install these shades in the spring, and take them down in the fall.

Solar Window Film

Solar window film blocks summer heat gain through the windows and heat loss during the winter. The film is available at home-improvement and hardware stores, and with a little practice, it’s fairly easy to apply. But for best results, you might want a professional to handle the job. During the daytime, no one will be able to see inside, but your view will be unobstructed.

To learn more about controlling heat gain and lowering your energy bills, contact Ross & Witmer. We’ve provided outstanding HVAC services to homeowners in the Charlotte, Mecklenburg, Gaston and Union areas since 1945.

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