Dust Too Much for You in Your Mecklenburg Home?

December 19, 2013
Ross and Witmer

Most Mecklenburg homeowners are concerned about doing what they can to improve their home’s indoor air quality, increase the efficiency of their HVAC equipment and reduce home energy bills. A huge deterrent to these home qualities is an indoor environment full of dust buildup. While keeping a dust-free environment can a big challenge, it’s a critical step for maintaining a healthy and energy-efficient home.

Why Filters Matter

Every home heating and cooling system should include an air filter, which effectively captures the dust and other airborne particles in your home. Filters act as a frontline defense by preventing contaminants from entering your HVAC equipment and potentially being recirculated throughout your home. Because filters work by capturing dust and other particles, it’s important to clean or replace air filters before they become too clogged. Otherwise they can have the negative impact of restricting airflow to and from your HVAC equipment. This reduces your equipment’s energy efficiency and can increase your bills as the equipment works harder to pull in air. Additionally, this can cause fans to burn out prematurely, requiring costly service and replacement.

Don’t Forget Your Health

Air filters aren’t just a necessity for well-running HVAC equipment. They’re also great for maintaining a healthy household. During the colder months, your furnace will burn up some of your environment’s dust and debris through its heating cycle, however it’s not able to remove all of the airborne contaminants in your household. The contaminants that make it through your central system are transferred through your ductwork and into your household. For many people, an environment high in these unfiltered contaminants can cause and worsen allergy and respiratory symptoms.

Dangerous Setup

Despite the safety of modern furnace equipment, most units do utilize an open flame during their heating cycle. When heavy densities of dust are allowed to accumulate, they could ignite and cause severe problems. Contact a professional if there’s a burning smell occurring in your heating equipment.

To learn more about preventing dust from entering your HVAC system, or for other home comfort issues, contact your local HVAC experts Ross & Witmer today.

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