What Does the Energy Star Most Efficient Label Mean?

April 9, 2014
Ross and Witmer

When you’re in the market for a piece of HVAC equipment, whether it’s a furnace, new AC unit, heat pump, etc., the best thing you can do for both your home and pocketbook is to look for the Energy Star Most Efficient label. This will allow you to save both energy and money for the lifetime of your new unit.

Energy Star

We all know how effective the Energy Star label has been since it was introduced in 1992 as a way to designate which models of certain products were able to achieve a higher level of energy saving standards. This designation revolutionized the industry, sparking competition amongst manufacturers and providing an easy way for consumers to immediately identify more energy-efficient models.

As technology has considerably improved over the years, it has become increasingly easier for manufacturers to achieve these higher standards. While this is definitely a good thing in terms of our carbon footprint, consumers now been experiencing a more difficult time sifting through equipment to find the best ones.

Energy Star’s Most Efficient Label

The Energy Star Most Efficient label was created to fix this problem. This new label identifies models that meet the highest standards of energy efficiency — the best of the best, if you will. To illustrate what this means, you simply need to look at the standards of AC units. In order to obtain the Most Efficient label, a split AC system must meet a minimum of 18 SEER and 12.5 EER. For a packaged system, those numbers land at 16 and 12, respectively. In addition, third-party verification of all minimums are now required, which further enforces their validity.

These higher standards have already proven themselves to be helpful for consumers, and new types of equipment that can be certified as “Most Efficient” are being added each year. So far, the label has been an overwhelming success and it’s expected to continue.

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