Gas vs. Oil: Which Furnace May Work Best for Your Needs?

January 26, 2015
Ross and Witmer

Deciding on a gas vs. oil furnace can easily turn into the “Battle Royale” of heating system decisions. Each one has its merits and drawbacks when it comes to heating your home, but there can only be one winner. However, the ultimate victor depends on your home’s heating needs, among other things.

Choosing a Gas Furnace

Already have a natural gas hookup? Then chances are you have everything you’ll need for a gas furnace. These furnaces also boast higher energy efficiency ratings than equivalent oil furnaces, which makes a difference when it comes to seeing real energy savings. Gas furnaces also operate very cleanly and quietly, making them a better fit if noise is a concern.

Choosing an Oil Furnace

If you can’t get natural gas service in your area or if the cost of setting up service is too expensive, you can opt for an oil-fired furnace instead. Oil is a bit more expensive than natural gas and it requires having an on-site storage tank, but an oil furnace offers more heat per BTU than an equivalent gas furnace. The cost of purchasing and installing an oil furnace is also somewhat less expensive than a gas furnace.

Which Should You Choose?

Your choice between a gas vs. oil furnace depends on a variety of factors, including whether you already have natural gas service, your prospective heating budget and any incentives or rebates that are made available to you. In the end, it pays to explore all of your options and do some research before making that final decision.

If you need any help choosing between a gas vs. oil furnace, the pros at Ross & Witmer are more than happy to help you out. Contact us for your home heating needs in the Charlotte, Mecklenburg and Union areas.

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