Why Home Humidity Levels Matter for Your Health

May 27, 2016
Ross and Witmer

The moment warm weather arrives in Charlotte, North Carolina, high humidity isn’t far behind. It messes with your hair and makes you feel hotter than it really is, and when you go inside, high humidity makes the air feel old and stale.

Escaping humidity outside is easy. Just go indoors. For you to feel comfortable inside, however, the humidity level needs to be just right. This is about more than how hot or cold you feel. Humidity levels that are too high or too low can be bad for your health.

High Humidity

Have you ever walked outside and felt like you were breathing through cotton? You can thank high humidity for that. High humidity levels mean there is extra moisture in the air. In your home, this can lead to sleeping problems and the health issues that come from extra mold, bacteria, and dust mites in the air.

Mold and bacteria thrive in moist places. When they are allowed to multiply and spread in your home, your health takes a hit. Allergies, asthma attacks, a scratchy throat, and irritated eyes are all signs of decreased indoor air quality.

Low Humidity

When humidity levels decrease, the air becomes drier. This is most common in fall and winter, but it’s worth discussing at any time of the year. If your skin becomes dry, your eyes itch, and your throat hurts during the cooler months, this means humidity levels are too low in your home. You can also become more vulnerable to getting a cold, the flu, and other respiratory infections.

Problems sleeping and breathing easily are common when humidity drops, and lack of sleep creates its own problems. This is why many parents of infants and small children add a dehumidifier to a child’s room at night. Increased comfort lets everyone sleep easier.

If you’re tired of what the seasonal changes in humidity levels do to your health and your indoor air quality, consider a whole-house humidifier to keep you comfortable and in good health all year. Contact us at Ross & Witmer today at (704) 392-6188.

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