Are Your Home’s Ducts Blocked? Common Ductwork Obstructions Pros Look For

October 18, 2013
Ross and Witmer

It’s important that your forced-air heating and cooling ducts remain clear and free from obstructions. It is essential to overall efficiency and performance. When ductwork obstructions occur, it can hike your energy bill and degrade heating and cooling performance in your Charlotte area home.

Are your ducts blocked? Does it seem that your system is not working properly?  What should you look for? Here are common ductwork obstructions that HVAC pros look for:

  • The first and easiest thing to look for when checking for ductwork obstructions is items that can may have collapsed a section of the ductwork, perhaps falling insulation or a misplaced beam. This will reduce the airflow to corresponding vents. Collapsed ducts can also be a result of poor craftsmanship during installation or just deterioration because of age.
  • Another problem that can cause ductwork obstructions is when something gets lodged inside the ducts. Insects and vermin can get into the ducts. bringing in and leaving behind debris. They can also cause leaks, puncturing and tearing ductwork. Your air filter, if not the right size or incorrectly installed, may also get sucked into the ductwork, obstructing airflow.
  • When ductwork leaks develop, the air is likely to escape into areas where don’t need it.  Having a leak in the ductwork can also allow dirty air to infiltrate into the ducts and circulate into your home.
  • The fire damper or zone damper in your ducts may also get stuck in the closed or partially closed position, reducing the flow of air.

If you notice that you’re not getting the proper heat, cooling or airflow, there’s a good chance you have ductwork obstructions in the system. Contact us at Ross & Witmer when you notice these problems. The more promptly an issue is addressed, the more money you can save. We provide quality HVAC services to Charlotte and the surrounding area.

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