How Weatherization Helps Maintain Efficiency Year-Round

April 20, 2015
Ross and Witmer

Spring has arrived here in central North Carolina, bringing rain, fresh flowers and a whole new to-do list for home maintenance. The costly heating season is over, but energy efficiency is still a major concern for most homeowners. This means that weatherization, which is often considered important only during the colder months, is still essential.  Here are a few of the areas of your house that could benefit from weatherization.


Installing high-quality insulated windows is a great step toward making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. There are other factors, however, that must also be considered when evaluating the sealing of your windows. The casing of the window should have caulk applied to it to prevent drafts, and weatherstripping can help seal the bottoms of window sashes. Glazing can also be applied to the glass to increase efficiency.


Doors often have gaps around their edges or cracks and leaks in the frame. Use weatherstripping to seal the area around a door, and install a door sweep along the bottom of the door. The frame should have a strong layer of caulk sealing any gaps or cracks.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets can be a surprising but significant source of air leaks in many homes. To insulate outlets, install rubber gaskets behind the outlet covers.


The attic can drastically affect the temperature of a home, so it’s important to keep your attic well-insulated. The entire attic should have a thick layer of high-quality insulation, but the door, especially, should be covered with insulation and lined with weatherstripping or other materials to prevent drafts.


Fireplaces can be easy to forget, especially during the warmer months, but they may be raising your heating and cooling bills when not in use. Install a heavy door on your fireplace if it doesn’t already have one, and keep the door and damper closed when the fireplace isn’t in use.

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