Landscape Around the A/C Unit to Maintain Efficient Operation

June 26, 2015
Ross and Witmer

In order for your air conditioner to function correctly, it requires a certain amount of clearance around the outdoor condenser unit, making proper landscaping around the A/C unit important to its operation. Here are a few tips that can help keep your yard looking good, while improving your cooling efficiency.

Maintain Clearance Around the Condenser

Avoid planting anything within two or three feet of the condenser, and keep grass and weeds in the area trimmed to avoid slowing the airflow to the system. Don’t build anything over the top of the condenser within five feet, and keep any trees or shrubs at least five feet away. Make sure that no plants block access to the system’s maintenance panels or important system components.

Use Plants to Conceal and Shade the System

A combination of hedges, tall plants or lattice and climbing plants can be used to conceal the A/C unit, as long as they’re planted at least three feet away. Taller bushes or trees can be used to provide shade for the A/C unit, as long as the five-foot clearance above the condenser is maintained. By shading the condenser, you can increase the system’s cooling efficiency by up to 10 percent, because the cooler air in the shade allows your system to work less to maintain your preferred temperature.

Choose Plants Carefully

Use plants that are easily controlled near the condenser to avoid excess trimming and other maintenance. Keep the coils of the condenser clean by not planting trees that produce excess amounts of sap too close, and consider using evergreens for shade to avoid raking leaves from around the condenser or pulling leaves out of its coils.

Besides improving efficiency and reducing cooling costs, proper landscaping around the A/C unit can also make routine maintenance of your system easier. Learn more about Ross & Witmer’s air conditioning services or call 704-392-6188.

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