Learn How to Properly Clean Your Carrier Air Conditioner

September 1, 2016
Ross and Witmer

Originally published August 2013, updated September 2016
Charlotte homeowners can save a ton of energy (and cash) by learning how to optimize AC unit performance. However, air conditioning units require maintenance to continue operating at peak performance. In the heat of North Carolina summers, it’s important that your A/C be at highest efficiency. When you properly clean your Carrier air conditioner, you’re prolonging its life for potentially decades.

Buying the most energy-efficient A/C unit on the market doesn’t guarantee that it keeps costs down forever. Without proper maintenance, your A/C unit can lose 5 percent or more of its efficiency annually. Neglecting the needs of your unit causes poor performance and raises your energy costs. Repairs or replacement of any A/C unit can be expensive. Both are preventable when you properly clean your Carrier air conditioner as part of its maintenance.


Changing the filter on your A/C unit is one of the easier maintenance tasks. A clogged filter blocks normal airflow and reduces efficiency. Make sure that all power to the unit is off before accessing inside parts. Filters for central air can be harder to find if they’re not in the actual unit. Common locations are in walls or the furnace. Filters can either be cleaned or replaced, depending on the unit.


Central air units located outside must be free of leaves, grass clippings and other debris. Keep tree branches and bushes trimmed back away from the unit to insure proper airflow around the compressor.


Condenser coils on the A/C unit need to be wiped down to insure that they don’t become coated and unable to absorb heat. While this is relatively easy on a window unit, it can be more challenging on a larger central air unit so investing in a professional cleaning is a good idea.


Check the insulation around the hoses leading into the house from a central air unit. Clean out any debris, repair holes and replace worn insulation to improve performance.

To ensure your Carrier air conditioner continues to operate at a high level of efficiency, you’re going to need professional maintenance from a team who knows their way around one of these systems. Our techs know Carrier systems inside and out, and we’re available at any time to help you with your unit. Contact our experts at Ross & Witmer for more tips on how to properly clean your Carrier air conditioner.

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