Preventing Your Home’s Ductwork From Getting Dirty Protects Your IAQ

February 11, 2015
Ross and Witmer

Indoor air quality is a concern in many North Carolina households, especially during the colder months when there’s little ventilation in most homes and many homeowners spend more time indoors. Some residents, however, neglect to consider the role that ductwork plays in maintaining indoor air quality. Preventing dirty ductwork is important, and there are a number of ways to keep your ducts clean.

Routine HVAC Maintenance

Annual HVAC maintenance is a necessity for any home. Having a professional look over the furnace and air conditioner means the system will be cleared of any debris, checked for efficient operation, and inspected for any mechanical issues.

In addition to these benefits, the debris removal and fine-tuning conducted by HVAC technicians during regular maintenance also helps keep ducts clean, since any debris within the heating and cooling systems can easily end up in the ductwork and harm your home’s indoor air quality.

Keep a Clean House

Routine household cleaning is important for improving indoor air quality, and it’s a key factor in preventing dirty ductwork. Any dust, mold or particles inside your home will quickly end up in the ducts, contaminating the air and potentially causing harm to the HVAC system. Be sure any potential sources of mold spores are controlled, and clean up dust frequently with a vacuum or static-charged cloth.

Duct Inspections

In addition to regular HVAC maintenance, homeowners should also schedule routine duct inspections. Professional inspectors can help remove debris from ducts, or alert you to any possible air quality concerns in the ductwork. Duct inspectors can also check for duct leaks, which make HVAC systems less effective and waste energy.

Protect the Ducts During Renovations

Ducts should be sealed during any renovation, as pollutants like sawdust and other building materials can easily end up stuck in the ductwork, causing air quality problems long after the work is complete. If new ducts are being added to the home, they should be thoroughly cleaned before installation to remove any oils or sediment that may be present.

For more expert advice on preventing dirty ductwork and improving indoor air quality in your Charlotte area home, contact Ross & Witmer today.

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