The Upfront Cost of an Energy Assessment Is a Lasting Investment in Your Home

February 8, 2015
Ross and Witmer

Home energy efficiency may seem like it’s more art than science, and that’s exactly what it is for most homeowners. First there’s upgrading to more efficient appliances and HVAC equipment, and there’s insulation and air sealing. Basically, it’s shooting in the dark and hoping you fix some real problems. That is, unless you invest in a professional home energy assessment and discover exactly where you can truly make a difference in your home’s efficiency.

What Is an Energy Assessment?

An energy assessment is a comprehensive test on every aspect of your energy use performed by an energy evaluation expert. Among other things, the auditor will likely tackle the following services:

  • Evaluate your current utility bills
  • Check where you’re currently using energy
  • Perform a blower door test to find air leaks
  • Use a thermographic scan to assess current insulation levels
  • Inspect the attic and crawl space
  • Assess any issues with ventilation, moisture and drainage

The result is a comprehensive report that details exactly where your energy dollars go every month. It includes how much energy each appliance uses, and how you can use energy smarter.

How Can the Information Be Used?

Auditors may make a number of efficiency suggestions, including upgrading inefficient appliances, improving doors and windows, and weatherizing throughout the home. Simple fixes may include adding weatherstripping, upgrading to a programmable thermostat, and putting a cover over the attic hatch.

Tackling all of these suggestions can add up, but this is one of those areas where it’s often just too expensive not to. On average, energy bills go down by about 30 percent once a homeowner acts on the information obtained in an energy assessment.

For more information on the benefits of getting an energy assessment, contact the expert team at Ross & Witmer. We offer comprehensive home comfort solutions to Charlotte, Mecklenburg and the surrounding areas.

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