Professional AC Maintenance: What Can the Pros Do That You Can’t

July 15, 2014
Ross and Witmer

North Carolina homeowners know that in winter, a heating system has be as efficient as possible to fight off the cold. You’re also aware of the need for an air conditioning system that can fight the heat during the summer. What makes either system work as designed is the monitoring and appropriate professional A/C maintenance conducted on a regular basis-some of it monthly and others twice yearly.

Though there are a number of tasks you can perform, the vast majority of the maintenance activities should be left to a professional A/C maintenance technician, as they require training, special tools and, in some cases, specific licenses.

A/C Maintenance Homeowners Can Do

Listening for any noises that weren’t there a few weeks ago will go a long way toward troubleshooting problems. And always check the air filter on a monthly basis and change it as soon as dust begins accumulating to keep the system clean, as well as your indoor air.

What to Leave to the Professional A/C Maintenance Company

It’s always recommended that a professional do the following maintenance tasks, as most of them call for removing panels or dealing with fuel and electricity sources. These items will be included in a preventative maintenance appointment:

  • Clean and lubricate moving parts
  • Appropriate refrigerants checked, topped off as needed, and all pressures verified
  • Wiring checked thoroughly on all components
  • Verify cleanliness of ducting, condenser coils, fans, filters and registers
  • Test for proper voltages and clean motors
  • Replace motor bearings as necessary
  • Test the temperature drop at the returns, as well as with the supply air

For a complete list of professional A/C maintenance activities that can keep your air conditioning operating efficiently, contact Ross & Witmer in the greater Charlotte area.

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