Replace or Repair: Which is the More Efficient Solution for Your Aging AC?

August 28, 2015
Ross and Witmer

To repair or replace? That is the question many Charlotte homeowners have about their aging AC units. There are pros and cons to each decision, of course, but for those homeowners focused on maintaining a certain level of energy-efficiency in the home, energy costs are likely going to be the deciding factor.

When to Repair

If your HVAC system is relatively new, making repairs makes the most financial sense. A professional AC repair saves money on replacement costs and addresses any of your AC’s issues, prolonging its life. A good rule of thumb is, as long as you haven’t been making frequent service calls, repairs to a newer AC that are estimated to cost less than half of its value are going to be more cost-effective than purchasing a new system altogether.

For an HVAC system that’s a bit dated, simple maintenance can prolong its lifespan and ward off the need for replacement. You can perform basic maintenance yourself each year or opt for an affordable HVAC maintenance service.

When to Replace

Systems that are more than 10 years old, however, aren’t likely to meet modern energy-efficient standards. This means that if an older system breaks down or starts acting up, you may be better off replacing your HVAC system to save money on energy costs in the long-run. This is because ACs start to lose their energy efficiency with age, increasing your energy costs with each passing each year.

If your system has broken down several times during peak use over the last few years, requiring frequent repairs, further repairs may only be postponing the inevitable. Repair costs add up over time, resulting in you having to pay as much for repairs as the cost of a brand new energy-efficient system.

Noise, random shut downs, and uneven temperatures are also indicators that it’s time to replace your HVAC.

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