Want Your High-Efficiency Furnace to Perform Well? Improve Home Efficiency, Too

November 20, 2013
Ross and Witmer

It seems that an increasing number of homeowners are opting for high-efficiency furnaces these days to counter rising gas bills. Unfortunately, some are discovering, after the furnace is in and running, that the savings they were expecting haven’t materialized to the degree they had hoped. The reason? They weren’t looking at their homes as a fully integrated network of systems that included windows, insulation, appliances and more. To achieve high-efficiency performance from a new furnace, you have to improve your home efficiency, too.

It’s true that a high-efficiency furnace is a good start toward lowering your utility bills. But that’s exactly what it is–a start. Aspects such as ventilation, insulation and air leakage must also be considered to ensure that your home’s energy envelope is sealed tight. Here are three things you really should do to improve your overall home efficiency so that you can get the greatest savings from your new furnace.

  • Insulation: This can shift and become compacted as the years pass by. It’s a good idea to check it annually, and see if there are any spots that have thinned out or opened up. If there are any, you will want to add insulation to close them back up. This is especially important in attics and crawl spaces where energy dollars can bleed out.
  • Take a look at your appliances: While you may be saving money with your furnace, that old gas range, air conditioner, water heater and antiquated washing machine might be eating those savings up. Replacing appliances can be an expensive proposition, but it is a wise investment.
  • Have your furnace tuned up at the start of every heating season: It is always a wise idea to have a professional perform annual maintenance tasks. When your system is running trouble-free, it’s closest to achieving its ideal efficiency.

For assistance with your high-efficiency furnace and home efficiency needs in the Charlotte area, contact Ross & Witmer. We will be glad to offer you our suggestions and services.

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