Warm Up to Winter Savings

November 2, 2012
Ross and Witmer

As winter approaches, replacing a worn out, inefficient heating system can be a rewarding experience for homeowners who are installing a new geothermal system. According to the experts at WaterFurnace International, Inc., most geothermal units are easy to install, particularly when they are replacing another forced air system. And in many cases, the monthly savings that an energy-efficient geothermal system offers will surpass any payments associated with the installation of the new system.

A geothermal system taps into the constant heat energy stored just below the earth’s surface. A series of pipes (an earth loop) buried in the ground carries an environmentally friendly mixture of alcohol and water solution. The earth loop brings heat into the home from below ground in the winter, and can also generate heat for hot water.

Installation of a geothermal system begins with a visit from your local geothermal dealer. The dealer will measure your house, calculate your heating and cooling requirements and assess your property to determine the best loop system for your location. If you own a home that does not have an existing duct system, your geothermal dealer can easily retrofit your home to include one.

Once installed, a geothermal system requires less maintenance than a conventional heating and cooling system and operates more efficiently, delivering an astounding four units of energy for every one unit of electrical energy used. That translates to a 400 percent efficiency rating and savings up to 70 percent for heating, cooling and hot water costs.
Another plus – a geothermal system uses no fossil fuel and emits no carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gases. Homeowners experience added comfort, improved indoor air quality and less noise as they reduce their carbon footprint.

For more information on energy-efficient geothermal heating and cooling, visit www.geothermalcharlotte.com, call (704) 392-6188, or contact Ross & Witmer.

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