What Allergy Triggers Are Affecting Your IAQ?

March 15, 2015
Ross and Witmer

Thanks to the Charlotte area’s abundant spring and fall pollen, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ranks our city as one of the worst for allergy sufferers. You may not be able to avoid allergy triggers outside, but there’s a lot you can do to keep them out of your home’s air.

  • Pollen – Pollen enters your home through open doors and windows and through cracks in the building. Although it’s one of the most common allergy triggers, it’s also one of the easiest to trap. A pleated HVAC filter with a MERV rating of 11 or 12 and a whole-house air purifier installed in your heating and cooling system will reduce pollen levels throughout your home.
  • Mold sporesMold spores can enter from outside or be produced by any mold that may be lurking in the dark, damp corners of your home. To control mold in air ducts and throughout your home, consider having an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) system installed in your heating and cooling system. These lights neutralize mold spores and bacteria in the passing air.
  • Dust mites – These microscopic insects thrive in warm, humid, dusty conditions. Humidity control and frequent cleaning are your first lines of defense, but a UVGI system can also help.
  • Household pests – Cockroaches, mice and other pests leave debris that becomes airborne and irritates your lungs. Cockroach debris in particular is a known allergen. An electronic air purifier, which uses electrostatic attraction to trap contaminant particles, can trap the tiny particles of pest debris many filters miss.
  • Pets – Pet hair and dander are allergy triggers for many, but unlike with mold and pests, the solution isn’t as simple as eliminating the source from your home. To enjoy life with your pets and still breathe easily, use a higher efficiency air filter. In addition to using a whole-house air purifier, set up a portable model in your bedroom to ensure high air quality while you sleep.

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