Will a Nest Thermostat Work in Your Home?

July 31, 2013
Ross and Witmer

Inspiring with its innovative design and technologically advanced performance, the Nest thermostat is a true revolution for home energy systems. Like many of the great high-tech devices of our era, the Nest offers sleek design and user-friendly function. It also offers the possibility of extremely efficient use of your home air conditioning system. So, it’s time to ask whether a Nest thermostat is ready to work in your home – and why you would want one.

The great triumph of the Nest is that it learns as you program it, so that it quickly learns to control your air conditioning efficiently at comfort levels you prefer. You don’t have to spend time managing it like a traditional programmable thermostat. The Nest gradually picks up on your preferences, making it yet another great way to save energy on home cooling.

They’re also exceptionally easy to use: you simply turn the dial to the temperature you want, with options for temporary time settings. Equipped with WiFi compatibility, the device can be programmed from anywhere. You can even use an app to adjust the setting from afar.

Many homes are ready for immediate installation of the Nest thermostat. The Nest is just the control, so you do not need to install new air conditioning machinery.

You can install the Nest thermostat on our own, but you can also rest easy with professional installation.

Installing a Nest is a bit more complicated than simply plugging it in, but it’s not exactly rocket science. However, it requires a bit of comfort with handling electrical equipment. If you’ve installed a light fixture, installing a Nest thermostat will not be much more difficult than that. The basic steps of Nest installation are:

  • Detaching and removing your old thermostat
  • Attaching the base of the Nest
  • Connecting some wires
  • Setting up the display

To find out more about this revolutionary new thermostat -“ and how it can help save big bucks on your energy bills – contact Ross & Witmer today. We’ve been serving the greater Charlotte, NC area since 1945.

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