4 Ways Energy Efficiency Upgrades will Affect your Resale Value

October 26, 2015
Ross and Witmer

The housing market in Charlotte, North Carolina, is primed for energy-efficient homes. In fact, energy-efficient homes have an almost 10 percent higher resale value than homes that have not been upgraded.  Not all energy-efficient upgrades are created equal. These four energy efficiency upgrades could have a big impact when you decide to sell your home.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment and Upgrades

Homeowners are starting to understand the importance of the air quality in their home. Schedule an IAQ test to see where you may need to make improvements throughout your home. It could be as easy as changing your filters, which also will save you energy until you sell.

Fix Leaks

Windows and doors are the usual suspects, but there are plenty of other places where air may be entering or escaping. Seal up your home to save money on your utilities, make your home more energy-efficient, and increase the resale value of your home. Make sure to check less obvious culprits, such as outlets, fireplaces, and attic hatches, as well.

HVAC Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance on your HVAC system will make it work more efficiently and help protect your investment by extending its lifespan. A professional maintenance plan will alert you to potential problems and ensure all the moving parts are working efficiently. It can also offer an incentive to buyers who appreciate that you’ve kept your system regularly maintained.

Appliance Upgrades

Although upgrading your appliances can constitute a big investment, you can make your money back through decreased energy bills and greater resale value. Many consumers are looking for Energy Star appliances, and are willing to pay more if a home already has them. If any big appliances like your washer and dryer or your HVAC system has seen better days, now is the time to consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient appliance.

There are plenty of benefits of having a greener home, and resale value is a big incentive. Call the experts at Ross and Witmer at 704-392-6188 to see how their services could help you.

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